Wine cocktail recipes for the warm weather

We love wine. You love wine. If you don’t, we’re kind of surprised you’re here. But welcome! While we believe that almost everything is a wine suitable occasion, we also see no issue with wanting to spice things up every now and again.

Plus, plot twist, by making your favourite The Vegan Wine Project drop into a divine cocktail, the bottle lasts even longer*.

*highly dependent on who you choose to share with. You’ve been warned.

The other issue some may find with their wines if they aren’t choosing to share a bottle with friends is their wine ‘going off’. If your bottle has been open a few days and you need to bring it back to life, some of these amazing recipes could help you do just that.

Sauvignon Blanc cocktails

Sauvignon Blanc has been on a real journey, hasn’t it? Falling in and out of vogue almost as much as Madonna herself. We know you know that Sauvignon Blanc is back in a big way (as is Madonna, apparently) but if you haven’t yet convinced your friends, we guarantee these recipes will.

White Mojito

Fantasize about those Havana nights with a fresh twist on a mojito. For all those that love a light zesty cocktail but don’t need to indulge in spirits to do so.

Citrusy Sauv Blanc

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. Citrus is perfect for a spring drink but it’s the secret twist of lavender that really takes this one to the next level. Impress your friends and your Nan.

The delicious White Mojito made using the delicious Vegan Wine Project Sauvignon Blanc.
The Delicious White Mojito Made with Our Delicious Sauvignon Blanc

Rosé cocktails

Rosé recently took over diamonds as a girl’s best friend. And it’s easy to see why. It’s the best of both worlds (white and red) while being far less costly than a lump of pressurised coal.

Rosé Summer Punch

Forget what you thought you knew about punch. It’s not just a drink served up in 80’s prom movies. Nor is it the beverage you used to make by pouring cheap wine into tropical juice. This is a sophisticated tipple for any soirée, and super easy too.

Frozen Rosé with Grapefruit

Frosé has been done but that bittersweet addition of grapefruit takes it from simple slushy to summer suave. The perfect way to keep things cool.

Summer Punch Made Using The Vegan Wine Project Rosé
Summer Punch Made Using The Vegan Wine Project Rosé

Pinot Grigio cocktails

Pinot Grigio is certainly at the top of lots of wine drinkers lists right now. Especially as we head to warmer months. The subtle, refined flavour profiles lend so well to mixing things up. And what better way to mix things up than sangria?

Pinot and Berry Sangria

The sweetness of in-season berries is incredible. Hot tip: the longer you leave this one to sit before serving, the more the berries will take on the notes of the wine.

Minty Sangria

As to not take away from the wine magic, this still cocktail has just a few easy additions. Why overcomplicate things?

Delicious Berry Flavour Bursts Free from this Pinot Grigio Cocktail
Delicious Berry Flavour Bursts Free from this Pinot Grigio Cocktail!

Shiraz cocktails

Every red wine lover gets a little uneasy in the warmer months. While you love the sunshine, sometimes it just doesn’t pair the same with Shiraz as crisp air and an open fire does. That’s where our Shiraz cocktails come in.

Red Wine Lover’s Sangria

The original sangria style. Notes of chocolate already embedded in our Shiraz come through whilst being brought into the season with citrus fruits. Close your eyes and with one sip you’ll be on La Rambla tasting tapas and watching salsa dancers.

Red Berry Spritzer

Where red wine meets sparkle. For a plant based sweetener we’ve opted for Agave syrup in this one, which is available in most supermarkets. If you can’t find it, any other plant based sweetener should do the trick.

Our Shiraz and Citrus Pair to Create that Classic Sangria Combination!
Our Shiraz and Citrus Pair to Create that Classic Sangria Combination!

Sparkling Cuvée cocktails

We couldn’t end without a bit of sparkle, could we? Our new sparkling Cuvée is already pretty special, but if you’re wanting the perfect brunch cocktail or a Sunday afternoon spice up, we’re here to help.

Bitters + Cuvée

Your favourite summer soft drink just got an adult upgrade. Who knew it could get better? We did, friends. That’s who.

Cuvée Spritzer

All the citrus goodness makes this cocktail so bright and fresh. It’ll put quite the spring in your step… see what we did there?

Vegan Wine Project Cuvée Brings Bitters to Life in this Delicious Cocktail
Vegan Wine Project Cuvée Brings Bitters to Life in this Delicious Cocktail

Get mixing

So there you have it, folks. All our favourite ways to take your spring and summer wine drinking to the next level.

Your wine will go further, you’ll impress your guests and you’ll get to mix things up. Go forth and create! And of course, tag us in your experiments. We can’t wait to see them.