More flavour.

More texture.

More purpose.

But wait, isn't all wine vegan?

You’re probably surprised to learn that most wine is not. And we don’t just mean the fly that floats into your glass on a hot summer’s day. Sure, the majority of wine is just grapes, but widely used traditional methods of winemaking use animal by-products such as fish derived protein and egg whites in the filtering process. Though we value tradition, there’s benefit to modern thinking; creating wines that have less impact on the environment and more impact on your palate seems like a no brainer to us.

The Vegan Wine Project Summer Cocktails

Making the switch

We began removing animal products from our winemaking process several years ago and haven’t looked back. We quickly found that not only was this process more ethical, but the profile of our Vegan Wine Project wines actually had more robust flavours and textures.


Simply put, we were leaving more of what nature had created, the viticulturists had nurtured and the winemakers crafted in the wine. We were doing less by adding less, yet making something that had more.

Future thinking. Fun thinking.

To us, wine should taste good, feel good and do a little bit of good. Most of all, wine should be enjoyed. Forget the snobbery. Forget contemplation. Forget the old school. The Vegan Wine Project is focused on enjoying the present and preserving the future, for you and the planet.

We’ll be trying out unexpected pairings and fun recipes, to educate a new age of wine lovers who are more conscious about their choices.

Looking to Buy?

Our collection of wines include CuvéeShirazRosePinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc. All The Vegan Wine Project wines are available in Australia exclusively through BWS and Dan Murphys. Click the button below to find your nearest stockist or purchase online.

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